Sell Your Everhot

Sell Your Everhot Cooker With Us 
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Everhot Range Cooker   

How We Treat Your Cooker
(Once Its Gone)

  • First it gets a seriously deep clean
  • It then goes to our workshop to check it all functions correctly
  • Then we paint it a new colour if the buyer wants it
  • Then we re-linish and polish all the stainless steel parts
  • And a double check to make sure we're happy of the quality!
  • Then it gets packaged and prepared for delivery and Installation

Whether your new kitchen can't accommodate your Everhot or you're Choosing to upgrade to a newer version, we're here to help you every step of the way in selling your Everhot. We will pay you for it in the manner you would like, and arrange for us to come and uninstall it and pick it up at a convenient time. As we have delivered and transported many thousand Everhot ranges over the years there is almost nothing we can't overcome in removing it safely and quickly from your property. We'll make sure every step of the way is as easy as it possibly can be for you. We'll take all the stress out of selling your Everhot. No need to worry about collection and delivery or whether your buyer will pay promptly!

Why Choose Us ?

As we offer so many Everhot related services we have even bought broken cookers for a good price in the past. If you do decide to sell your Everhot range with us we can guarantee it'll go to a great new home, in a completely revitalized manner. Whether analogue / digital or Eco Digital consider the prospect of a completely managed Everhot sale. All we require of you is to be in when we pick it up!

We will pick up from anywhere in the UK and use our extensive delivery and installation knowledge to remove it from your property quickly and properly.
There's a good chance we delivered it to you in the first place having delivered many thousands of Everhot Cookers.