Everhot Repairs 

Professional Control Box Repairs.
Professional Everhot Repairs. 
 Complete Parts Replacement Service

Professional Everhot Repairs

As a specialist we have repaired hundreds of Everhot cookers. From the smallest bolt to full element replacement. Everhot problems are few and far between but any product will show its age eventually and require some helping hands.
Our technicians can repair all sorts of Everhot problems and issues. We have over eight years of experience in repairing and replacing parts. Along side this we can also offer replacement parts for cosmetic purposes. New rope seals for the doors and lids can do wonders for the look of your cooker, because they are so absorbent, once grease has soaked in it's almost impossible to remove.

 We can offer a range far to vast to list here in its entirety, because of this we ask you to contact us regarding your repairs enquiry. We know everyone is different so we want to offer a service that is completely individualised to you. We Specialise in all things everhot. If you don't see it here just ring and ask!
All other component repairs
Alongside the repairs of control boxes and working components we can also offer other electrical component replacement like: - Heating Elements - Thermal Switches - Temperature Probes - Cabling - Fuses This is a very small list of all the possible electrical repairs we can offer. Its very difficult for us to put everything we can do here! For more information please contact us on the number above to talk about your Everhot repair requirements. We're here to Help with your Everhot Problems! 

Everhot Control Box Repairs

We have a direct relationship with a professional electrical workshop who can offer complete replacement of broken or malfunctioning components.
The Everhot control box offers unrivalled control over all your cooking zones and if you ever have problem we know how frustrating it can be.
We're here to help when you get these problems.
Don't hesitate to call us to help you out. Yes We Can Fix Your Cooker !!!!!