Transport Your Everhot

From the easiest to most involved delivery we have the experience and knowledge to complete your cooker move quickly, efficiently and professionally
We have delivered thousands of Everhot Range Cookers throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Everhot Removal & Re-Installation

We have installed Everhots in the most remote locations around the country and trained operatives for the most difficult of locations.
Treating your Everhot with the care and respect it deserves is paramount, we want nothing more than your complete satisfaction with our transportation services.

 For more information or just a chat about your requirements for moving an Everhot cooker, don't hesitate to call us on 01285 741 150. We're here to help!

Professional Tutorial
We may not be professional chefs but we certainly know how to get the most out of the Everhot range. As owners ourselves we know how great they are to cook on, but without the proper guidance (like anything) you will never get the most out of your machine. To this end we will provide new users with an introduction into the world of Everhot, an explanation on all the features, how to clean and care for your machine correctly and to get the best use out of it. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have and want to help our customers with it.  

The Premier Delivery Service

We had long standing contract with Everhot to deliver, install and reposition their range cookers.
The Everhot range of cookers are very substantial and their weight reflects this. In order to store and emit heat so well they require a considerable quantity of material to do so.

The 60 weights 250 Kg's
The 90 weights 300 Kg's
The 100 weights 350+ Kg's
 The 120's and 150's even more so, as they comprise of multiple 60 and 90 units respectively. In order to move such weights efficiently and in a professional manner, specialist equipment is required. Something we specialise in at Specialist Lifting Solutions.

We have delivered Everhots to some of the most difficult locations and remote parts of the country as well as around Europe. As we were an independent company for the transport and installation of these fantastic cookers there isn't a situation we can't overcome with our years of personal experience.
Not only do we offer a complete service for the removal, transport and installation, we offer a dedicated tutorial on how to use your machine as standard. We believe this is a necessary part of the process in order to get the most out of your Everhot!.