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Our Everhot stock changes daily, Ring Now On  01285 740 744 to Find Out More. We regularly have refurbished 60, 90, 90+, 100s, 100+ and 100i models available.
 We want you to be safe in the knowledge that buying a second hand Everhot Range Cooker from us will be easy,  professional with great customer service to back it up.
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Professional Deep Clean

As Everhots are a true heat storage cooker if they're not looked after they can get very dirty! We put them through an intense clean after a complete strip down.

Metal Relinishing/Polishing 

All stainless steel metal  components are professionally polished or relinished (re-grained), making it look like new.

Complete Electrical Test

All heating elements are tested and calibrated (if necessary) and the whole cooker is then PAT tested for electrical compliance.

Delivery Service

We are fully geared up to deliver throughout the UK (and have even delivered to mainland Europe).  An Everhot cooker can weigh up to 400Kg so require specialist handling equipment

INSTALLATION And Explanation

We have delivered and installed thousands (literally) of Everhot cookers and each cooker we sell comes with a complete demonstration of how to use it properly to get the most out of it.


We pride ourselves on our customer care and after we've sold you the cooker is no different. Just give us a call and we're here to help.

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Buying An Everhot Cooker With Us

We only deal in second hand Everhot Range cookers. As a result we have built up a unique cleaning and refurbishing process over time to bring the ranges up to a brilliant finish.
We like to look after our customers, to do such a fantastic product justice we spend a lot of time on each cooker enabling you to have truly wonderful cooking experience. 

Our Everhot Cleaning Process

To bring these wonderful ranges back to pristine condition we make sure to cover every angle of their restoration. First we make an assessment to check the electrical operation (whether any major components need replacing). If they do we make sure this happens next enabling proper operation before commencing the deep cleansing process. Once nice and shiny we prepare all the stainless steel for finishing and professional polishing.